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Luata Bray, L.M.T.
Seattle Clinical Licensed Massage Therapist

Seattle Clinical Licensed Massage Therapist

Welcome to my Practice!

I am a licensed health care provider specializing in clinical massage therapy. Practicing in the Seattle area as a Licensed Massage Therapist, my focus is with a clinical approach to wellness and/or rehabilitation from an injury, surgery or general aches and pains.

I am the 2016 recipient of the Robert Calvert Award received from the American Massage Therapy Assn., Washington Chapter for my ongoing support and participation for the Massage Therapy Profession. This is a Life Time Achievement award.

I help people of all ages (birth to 100 +) return to enjoying life after an injury or a chronic condition. Desk job got you down? Motor vehicle collision and you have whiplash, or other neck and back pain problems? Injured while on the job? A sports injury, knee or hip replacement, carpal tunnel syndrome, T.M.J., headaches, tension or migraines, arthritis sufferer, acute or chronic pain, foot and ankle pain, pre or post surgery rehabilitation? Id like to offer my services using medical massage to help you.

Structural integration has always been a passion of mine and I do like to perform a postural assessment to determine which areas are out of a healthy alignment. I am honored to offer and I have always enjoyed giving pregnancy massage. I do offer stress reduction to those seeking a relaxing massage.

From deep tissue, trigger point therapy, contract/relax, lymphatic drainage, neuromuscular therapy, intra oral, cranial sacral unwinding, sports massage, light pressure to deep pressure, active and passive engagement, to good old fashion Swedish massage, I incorporate these and many other techniques to help increase your range of motion, decrease pain and help you to stand up a little straighter, walk taller, or sit up more comfortably.

My clinic is convenient to several Seattle neighborhoods such as: Roosevelt area, Ravenna, University of Washington, Green Lake, Wedgewood, Maple Leaf, and Northgate.

I do take some Medical Insurance and Id be happy to bill them with a doctors prescription.

I look forward to meeting and treating you.

Best Massage Place Award
2018 Spectrum Award Winner 2019 Spectrum Award Winner 2020 Spectrum Award Winner