About Luata
Luata L.F. Bray, L.M.P.c, PLLC

A Compassionate Massage Therapist

I see myself as a healthcare professional specializing in massage therapy. I enjoy designing an individualized custom plan of care and working with other medical professionals with a patient’s well being as my ultimate goal. Being a Massage Therapist has been my life’s work, and participating within the health care industry has been an honor and a privilege.

I was born and raised in the state of Oregon. I received training early in my life and later attended two different massage programs before licensure was mandated.

After moving to the State of Washington in 1988, I later enrolled in The Seattle Massage School. In 1992 I received my State of Washington Massage Practitioner License.

The human body is a huge fascination for me, and I am a life long learner. I have spent over 50 years of my life involved with massage and love studying the art and science of its benefits. I enjoy enrolling in continued education classes to enhance my skills and to understand the human body better.